Avoid expensive mistakes.
Let's build your startup together.

Are you looking for a Fractional CTO with more than 10 years of experience in building startups? Here I am.

Build-in-public Fractional CTO business, how to build startups, teams and digital products (Italian language only 🇮🇹)

Hi, I'm Christian and I help startups through their tech challenges.

I am a passionate tech startup enthusiast with a decade of experience in the field. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working in various startups, both as a developer and as a manager/founder.

I also had a significant role in a venture builder, where I was tasked with crafting the technical aspects of new startups. Throughout this ten-year journey, I've honed my skills in building tech startups.

The value I bring month by month is shielding you from expensive mistakes that can derail your startup. Together, we'll speed up your time to market, bringing your vision into the hands of your users. I'll onboard and grow your talent on the right path, nurturing their potential for long-term success.

My expertise guarantees a rock-solid technical strategy, transforming your startup into a robust and competitive reality.

How can I help your Startup?

Building your first product version

As your dedicated CTO, I specialize in transforming your groundbreaking ideas into tangible products. I'll work closely with your startup to develop a robust and scalable initial product version that sets the foundation for your success.

Guiding with technical strategy and hiring the perfect tech team

Crafting a strong technical strategy is crucial for startups. I'll help you make informed decisions about technologies, architecture, and development processes, while also guiding you through the process of recruiting, evaluating, and onboarding the right technical talent.

Helping to scale your product and growing your user base

Scaling can be challenging, but I've got you covered. I'll devise a scaling plan that ensures your product can handle increased demand, while also optimizing for performance, security, and cost-effectiveness to support your startup's growth trajectory.

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