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Hi, I'm Christian Varisco, your go-to Fractional CTO 🇮🇹.
Together, we'll turn your groundbreaking ideas into market-ready successes.


Is your startup's product development on the right track?

Are you navigating without a map?

How often do you find yourself chasing innovation without a clear direction, leading to wasted resources and missed opportunities?

Are your processes holding you back?

Do you lack a cohesive plan, causing your development to lag and pushing your market entry further away?

Do you have the right team in place?

Are you struggling to find and integrate the tech talent you need, slowing your progress and affecting your product's potential?

Turn obstacles into opportunities with an expert who understands your journey. Team up with me to:


Launch First Product

How often do you find yourself chasing innovation without a clear direction, leading to wasted resources and missed opportunities?


Navigate Technical Strategy

Navigate the complexities of technology, architecture, and development processes with expert guidance.


Build Dream Team

Identify and integrate the right technical skills, streamlining your path to innovation and growth.

Work with me to achieve results

talentwareEmpower your talent, elevate your business

Talentware is the talent management platform designed to help businesses effectively engage, develop, and retain talent through a skill-based approach


Assembled a robust team, ensuring agility and innovation.


In just three months, we've already got customers signing up and managed to bag €800K in pre-seed funds.


Formulated a strategic product and technical roadmap, targeting short-to-medium-term goals.

talentwareMaking wine investing easy for everyone

Liquinvex is a mobile app that democratizes the investment in fine wines, offering users a virtual cellar to buy, store, and manage wine investments without the hassles of physical storage


Built a top-notch team in just a week.


Liquinvex quickly got into Nana Bianca accelerator program, showing how fast they're growing!


New app features on a weekly basis and the user base saw a 100% increase

talentwareA startup that uses AI to simplify legal tasks

Lexroom.ai is an AI-powered legal research tool that quickly provides relevant legal sources and drafts opinions based on user queries


Assembled a talented team quickly, setting the stage for rapid progress.


Significant early achievements, including a successful €500k pre-seed funding round in January 2024.


Led the development of the MVP, preparing for future growth.

3 steps to transform your startup


Book a call

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Discuss Goals

Let's Talk about your startup's and technical challenges with me during the call.


Execute & Launch

Receive a tailor made offer to move your startup forward effectively.


About me

Hi, I'm Christian and I help startups through their tech challenges.

I am a passionate tech startup enthusiast with a decade of experience in the field. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working in various startups, both as a developer and as a manager/founder.

I also had a significant role in a venture builder, where I was tasked with crafting the technical aspects of new startups. Throughout this ten-year journey, I've honed my skills in building tech startups.

The value I bring month by month is shielding you from expensive mistakes that can derail your startup. Together, we'll speed up your time to market, bringing your vision into the hands of your users. I'll onboard and grow your talent on the right path, nurturing their potential for long-term success.

My expertise guarantees a rock-solid technical strategy, transforming your startup into a robust and competitive reality.

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